Experience matters when navigating today’s complex automotive supply chains. We help make your choice an easy one by offering a variety of solutions to optimize your network. Whether your focus is production, after-market, or reverse logistics, we are here to help guide you through the process of re-engineering your roadmap to peak performance.

Consumer & Retail

BELEM Logistics navigates the complexities of the new multi-channel world. We understand the unique challenges of the consumer and retail sector.

As competition, seasonal demand, port congestion, proliferation of SKUs, and real-time visibility needs create obstacles, we navigate a path to move forward.


Today’s ever-changing oil and gas sector is poised to capitalize on rapid growth and strong profitability from superior supply chains that can rapidly flex with volume and capacity demand, rules and regulations, new geographies, technology and techniques.

Food & Beverage

Margins can be thin in the fast-paced, highly competitive food and beverage market. While the fight continues for shelf space, brands and SKUs are proliferating with a steady stream of new product variations. Seasonality challenges demand prediction, planning production and quality execution with time, capacity and changeover constraints.

Government | Military

The government, defense, and humanitarian relief logistics sector faces unique challenges in inventory management, material distribution and asset visibility. BELEM can facilitate a successful mission at the lowest price point possible with the agility to change course at a moment's notice while complying with DoD / FAR regulations. 


The pharma, life sciences, and medical device companies of today face a growing complexity in managing risks, compliance, and costs. BELEM can help navigate these challenges to create strategic solutions that facilitate coordination and visibility while optimizing within FDA and GDP guidelines. 

High Tech

We recognize that servicing the high tech sector often requires the application of unique handling and accountability practices to ensure security of high-value shipments while maintaining TAPA compliance. We understand the need for additional milestone implementation built into your SOP to ensure product protection and end-to-end handling success.


Our industrial manufacturing specialists service those who directly and indirectly support the production of finished products and construction-site building materials. From the largest OEM and Tier 1 supply base manufacturers to local machine shops and building efficiency projects, we blend leading industry methodologies, technology, and experienced talent.