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About Us

We Navigate Supply Chain Solutions

We are a minority woman-owned non-asset LLC 3PL specializing in domestic and daily trans-border (both Canada and Mexico) supply chain optimization utilizing experienced talent, cutting edge proprietary software, and lean methodology to design and re-engineer supply chains.

We navigate through complex supply chains to create custom solutions by leveraging our people, systems, and processes.  Our executive board has over 100 years of experience leading the industry. Maintaining our position since 2019 in the top 10 of all agents in the $5 Billion Network of Logistic partners is possible through our excellent customer service and pro-active communications.

Our dynamic analytics, monitoring, and reporting technology turns data into strategic insight, and our processes are built upon key lean principles to continuously drive out costs while enhancing continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.


We navigate supply chain solutions so you can focus on your core competency.

* We are not affiliated in any way with the 1800’s French sailing cargo ship Belem Nantes.
Our Team

Meet Our Executive Team

Monica L Long

Monica L. Long

Owner / CEO

Monica L. Long

For as long as she can remember, Monica has been an entrepreneur. She started with a fig pie and lemonade stand when she was a young girl, moved on to making and selling tamales in inner-city Houston as a teen, then to on-line retail and health supplements in her adult years. [See More]

Matthew A. Long


Matthew A. Long

Matthew brings over 25 years of logistics experience through various management and executive leadership roles including Sr. VP, CCO, and COO titles at a variety of medium and large Fortune 500 logistics companies. [See More]

Wayne R. Woods

Senior Vice President of Sales

Wayne R. Woods

Wayne has been helping companies of all sizes achieve their most important transportation objectives for over 25 years. Throughout his career as a trusted business advisor, he has served his clients in the roles of Sales Associate, Senior Sales Representative, Sales Manager... [See More]

Eric M. Bond

Director of Solution Design

Eric M. Bond

Eric has over 20 years of international and domestic freight forwarding, warehousing, logistics and supply chain management experience from operations management to executive leadership positions. He has designed and implemented logistics projects in over 40 countries and across the United States. [See More]

Jose M. Ockerman

Chief Technology Officer

Jose M. Ockerman

Jose has managed high-level strategic projects, both on the operational side and management side, throughout product and software lifecycles. Project leadership includes, software development management, PMO Leadership roles, business intelligence solutions... [See More]

Patrick J. Olmstead, Jr.

General Counsel

Patrick J. Olmstead Jr.

Patrick chairs the Ethics Hotline for the Indiana State Bar Association. He is President of the Notre Dame Class of 1990, where he received his BA in Government. He is also a board member of the Notre Dame Club of Indianapolis, served on the Indiana Law Review and received the [See More]

$5 Billion Network

Over 75 LTL Carrier Partners

Over 85,000 FTL Capacity Partners

Nearly 7,000 Flatbed Carrier Partners


Our Partners

By partnering with GlobalTranz®, BELEM Logistics provides customized logistics solutions to gain control and visibility of your supply chain.

Today’s shipping challenges and customer demands require efficient performance and consistent reliability. BELEM Logistics provides the capacity, custom solutions, and cost-savings that enables shippers to respond at the speed of business.


People, Systems, Processes

First, we set out to develop a relationship. The more we understand your needs and the need behind the needs, the better equipped we are to create a custom solution.

Once we understand the current state and desired goals, we review your data and conduct a free detailed analysis to further understand your supply chain. We then create custom-designed solutions with various options for your review and approval.

Once approved, our ZDi (Zero Defect implementation) team steps in to ensure a smooth start-up to operations, system integrations, training, KPI development and reporting. We jointly create unique, custom-designed reports to drive continuous improvement, create transparency, and improve communication flows.

During each phase of the project plan we set clear goals and a realistic schedule to measure and report on success of stage-gates and critical milestones. Once fully operational, local and regional support continues to ensure smooth execution. Our cutting-edge technology optimizes data for continuous improvement, reviewing lane data to ensure a best-in-class solution remains relevant. We use this insight to recommend tweaks and negotiating opportunities for cost reductions as your business ebbs and flows.

We utilize LEAN methodologies in our approach to design, measurement, and continuous improvement through Kaizen initiatives. Kaizen often times involves the customer directly or indirectly, depending on their desired level of participation. 

Our technology, relationships and team of industry professionals provide an unparalleled ability to meet your most important aspirations.